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Personalized Skin Care Solutions With The Laser Center of Marin

skin care treatments corte madera

The Laser Center of Marin Difference

Skin care treatments are popular among Corte Madera residents at the Laser Center of Marin. Our skin rejuvenation and skin procedures and services have earned a reputation for providing clients with a radiant and youthful glow. From sun damage to laser skin therapy, our skin care treatments promise proven results.

Skin Care Treatments Developed for Your

Your skin is exposed to numerous substances over the years, including makeup, sunscreen, and lotion. Over time, your skin can become drastically affected by these substances, which can result in loss of your skin’s healthy and youthful glow. Because of this, the Laser Center of Marin offers skin care treatments designed to restore your skin’s radiance. From skin rejuvenation treatments to Rosacea treatment, the Laser Center of Marin is able to have you looking and feeling years younger.

No matter the skin care treatment, from laser hair removal to skin rejuvenation to an array of skin procedures, we are eager to assist you at our office located in Corte Madera. For quality, professional, and result-oriented skin care treatments, call 415-945-9314 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Patient Testimonial*

“I can’t imagine having a bad experience there! All the nurses are amazing and the front desk girls are warm and helpful.  I have had nothing but wonderful experiences there and I have done quit a few different procedures.  My cool sculpting results were amazing!  During a botox treatment my nurse told me about their latest and greatest laser called Genevieve.  This is a vaginal rejuvenation laser that builds collagen (tightening) and helps with urinary incontinence, among other things.  I was amazed!  It was painless and there were instant results with the tightening!   I was blown away.  I had no idea that this kind of treatment was available to women.  What is more, that you can do this treatment at such a cool low key place!  I just tell my husband that I go for products and hair removal (which is true) and he has no idea what else I do there!”

Erica P.

*Individual results may vary