Are Liposonix Treatments Safe?

Liposuction TreatmentsEver since liposuction treatments reached the mainstream, people have been wondering about the safety of such procedures. Thankfully, Liposonix is an alternative that eliminates much of the potential risk of surgical liposuction. While many people have heard horror stories or seen those infamous videos that make them cringe away from the very mention of liposuction, they also have yet to hear about the nonsurgical alternatives.

Liposuction itself has always had a bit of a reputation thanks to significant fear mongering. All surgery entails risks, and it’s always wise to be informed of those risks before deciding on a procedure, but liposuction performed by a licensed professional is actually quite safe and complications are rare. Nonetheless, many people just aren’t up for an invasive procedure that requires significant time for healing and recuperation.

This is where procedures like Liposonix come in. Unlike the process of using incisions and suction to remove fat cells, Liposonix utilizes high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to melt and destroy fatty tissue without surgery. A transducer uses the familiar ultrasound technology to focus the energy and target specific subcutaneous tissue areas while leaving others completely unharmed. The heat of the system destroys fatty cells under the skin, where they’re absorbed by the body’s natural healing process and filtered through the liver like any other cells. Once this process occurs, the cells are gone and will leave the body naturally.

While liposuction can remove significant quantities of fat, Liposonix is a better option for people who just have an inch or so to lose. It’s more of a contouring procedure than weight loss modality. The benefits of Liposonix include:

  • Non-invasive, single treatment
  • Customized treatment areas
  • Takes only about one hour – on average
  • Results typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks
  • Little to no downtime

For body contouring, Liposonix is an excellent and very safe option for losing that last inch off of your waistline. If you’d like more information about the procedure and other services for reducing fat and toning skin, please contact the Laser Center of Marin today!